LP Gas Mechanic Licenses

Important: You must provide proof of citizenship or legal residency when you apply for a license. GDA requires S&V (Secure & Verifiable) documents for all licensees. See the S&V Details page and S&V FAQ for complete information.

Reminder: Please make sure your mailing address, email, and phone number are up-to-date, and that your voicemail is not full.  There will be a delay in getting your license if we need to reach you but don't have usable contact information.

Program Area

GDA’s Fuel & Measures program manages LP Gas Mechanic licenses. For more details, including a full list of regulations, see the Fuel Inspections & Licensing program page.

You Need this License If

You install and/or repair commercial propane gas devices in the state of Georgia.  Each company must have a license for the company itself, based on approved test results for company-owned prover(s) calibration.  Each individual mechanic in a company must also have a license, based on a one-time test of knowledge.

Fees and License Period

Company Licenses

Company licenses are based on approved test results for your prover calibration.  Provers must be re-tested every 2 years. 

When you first receive a license, the license period starts on the date that all of your material was received and approved by GDA and ends on the 2-year anniversary of your prover testing.  From then on, as long as you make sure to have your prover(s) retested every two years your license will remain valid until the next test is due.

There is a fee for prover testing, but no charge for the company license.

Individual Mechanic Licenses

Individual mechanics must take a one-time test to become licensed.  The individual mechanic license never expires.  If you move from one company to another, your new company will need to let the Fuel & Measures office know that you have transferred to them (see contact information below).

There is no fee for the test or the individual license.

How to Apply for or Renew your License

Download this LP gas mechanic license packet to get full information on submitting provers for testing, a list of handbooks available, and the individual testing form.  

Companies, start by getting your prover(s) tested.  Once you have the results, contact our Fuel & Measures office for the next steps.  You will need to submit a single-company bond for the amount of $1,000.  

  • Fuel & Measures Office
    fuel@agr.georgia.gov Tel: (404) 656-3605 Fax: (404) 656-9648
  • To renew your company license, simply submit your prover(s) to the State Fuel Lab for re-calibration testing.  The Lab will notify us that your prover(s) have been approved. Your license will automatically renew at that point.

    Companies, renew your license before it expires!

    What Happens When You Apply for a License

    1. You submit your prover(s) to the State Fuel Lab for weights calibration testing and get the official results.
    2. Once you receive your test results, you contact the Fuel & Measures office to apply for your company license.  Our staff will work with you to arrange getting your bond and the individual mechanic test results, and will answer any questions you may have. 
    3. You will also receive an email from our Licensing team requesting your S&V paperwork.
    4. Once your S&V paperwork has been received and approved, your bond is accepted, and all tests have been received, your license certificate will be mailed to you.

    Respond promptly to any questions or notifications, and make sure GDA can contact you if needed!