Licensing, Certification and Employee Registration

Structural Pest Control Types of Credentials

The Georgia Structural Pest Control Act establishes three classes of structural pest control credentials:

Each type of credential must be qualified for through minimum requirements such as: training, experience, and examinations.

Structural pest control credentials are not prorated; all cards expire June 30th of odd numbered years and must be renewed prior to that date.

Additionally, certified operators, registered employees, and companies must be licensed in the appropriate categories they will be operating in.

Structural Pest Control Categories

The Georgia Structural Pest Control Act divides structural pest control into four operational categories according to the type of work performed. A person or company may be certified or registered in one or multiple categories:

  • Category 28: Fumigation (FUM) The application of a fumigant to any structure or enclosed space, or to any compartment, for the purpose of controlling insects, rodents or other pests.
  • Category 29: Household Pest Control (HPC) The use of pesticide, device or practice to control pests that commonly enter, nest on or in, or invade structures such as cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, ants, birds, rodents, wasps etc. by any method other than fumigation.
  • Category 30: Wood-destroying Organism Control (WDO) The application of any and all measures for the purpose of controlling termites, powder post beetles, wood boring beetles, wood destroying fungi in structures and/or adjacent outside areas by any means other than fumigation.
  • Honey Bee Control and Removal (HBR) The professional control and removal of an established honey bee colony in a structure without the use of pesticides. Please note that this category does not include the control of other stinging pests such as wasps and hornets.

Other Licenses

Certain licenses are required if you provide other pest control services such as mosquito or turf pest management. To learn about the pesticide applicator license categories, visit For more information regarding these licenses, contact the Pesticide Program at (404) 656-4958 or

If your pest control company offers the service of the trapping, removal and/or control of any form of wildlife, including squirrels, Georgia law requires that you possess a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators license. For information regarding this license, contact the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division - Special Permit Unit at (770) 918-6408 or


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