Cottage Food Licenses

Important: You must provide proof of citizenship or legal residency when you apply for a license. GDA requires S&V (Secure & Verifiable) documents for all licensees. See the S&V Details page and S&V FAQ for complete information.

Reminder: Please make sure your mailing address, email, and phone number are up-to-date, and that your voicemail is not full.  There will be a delay in getting your license if we need to reach you but don't have usable contact information.

Program Area

GDA’s Cottage Food program, which is a subdivision of the Retail Food section, manages Cottage Food licenses. For more details, including a full list of regulations, see the Cottage Food program page.

You Need this License If

You meet the requirements displayed on the Cottage Food Program page.

Fees and License Period

Cottage Food licenses are good through the end of the calendar year.  All licenses expire on December 31 and must be renewed before that date.

The annual license fee is $100.  If you apply after June 30, your initial application fee for the calendar year will be $50.

How to Apply for or Renew your License

To apply, review our Cottage Food program page and pull together the information you need for registration.  Contact the program staff if you have any questions.

What Happens When You Apply for a License

  1. When you send us your application packet, we will review your application and contact you if we have any questions.
  2. You will receive a visit from one of our inspectors to do a pre-inspection.  If the inspector finds any problems they will work with you to resolve them.  You cannot move further in the licensing process until you have passed your pre-inspection and your application has been approved.
  3. Once your application packet has been approved you will need to apply online using the link below.
  4. You will then receive an email requesting your S&V paperwork.
  5. Once your S&V paperwork has been received and approved, you will be notified by email how to log in and pay your license fee.
  6. When you pay your fee, your license certificate will be emailed/mailed to you within 1 - 7 business days.

Respond promptly to any questions or notifications, and make sure GDA can contact you if needed!

Apply for a new Cottage Food License

What we require on your application:

  • Your physical and mailing addresses
  • A valid phone number and email address
  • Type(s) of product you intend to make
  • Documentation that you will be using an approved water source
  • A copy of your certificate from an accredited food safety training course

Renew your Cottage Food License

Log in with your License Number and password to renew. Forgot your password? Recover it from the password recovery page or contact our Customer Service Center at the number below.

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