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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Egg Candling Certification

UPDATE: The Department is now providing webinar courses for egg candling certification. Each course holds a total of 150 online registrants, so early sign-up is encouraged. The courses and sign-up registration can be found on this Agriculture Calendar.

Lee Lancaster
(404) 656-3680

Georgians who want to produce and offer for sale shell eggs must comply with the Georgia Egg Law and obtain an egg candling certificate in order to sell their eggs at retail to the end consumer. Each person who will act as a candler of eggs offered for sale must obtain a certification from the Department of Agriculture. Candlers may receive this certification after demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Department their capabilities and qualifications as an egg candler.

You can obtain an egg candling certification by attending an online Egg Candling Class and then successfully completing a virtual examination.  The exam tests both your knowledge and your practical ability to distinguish between grades of edible eggs and determine losses.  The class and exam are both administered by GDA staff.  Please check the website's Agriculture Calendar to find out about upcoming classes.  Classes are held online at various times during the year.  The recommended study materials to successfully complete the Egg Candling Course include the Egg Grading Information, Basic Regulatory Requirements for Small Egg Producers, and the USDA Federal Egg-Grading Manual, available for download on this page.

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