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The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Equine Health Section is charged with the duty of ensuring that Georgia’s equines receive humane care, including receiving adequate food and water. If owners do not comply with the state’s laws concerning the health and welfare of their equine, the state has the authority and obligation to impound the animals in negligent owners’ care.

Since there are no state appropriated funds for the impound program, the department relies on the proceeds from the sale of the rehabilitated equines and donations from the public to continue caring for Georgia’s abused and neglected horses, donkeys, mules, and ponies. With the state facing profound budget cuts and donations down, the program’s future is uncertain as we reach an all time high in the number of cases reported and equine impounded. Therefore, we are reaching out in attempts to collect donations to help us overcome the financial deficit the impound barns face. The animals are in constant need of feed, hay, vet care, farrier care, and supplies required for daily management and housing. 

The program accepts donations of services, materials, items that can be auctioned, and most essentially, monetary donations. If you can reach out and help the abused and neglected horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules of the State of Georgia and keep the impound program in operation, please send contributions to the Equine Health Section Impound Program or contact us for more information on the program. Thank you in advance for supporting the Georgia Department of Agriculture Equine Health Section’s mission of stopping equine abuse and neglect here in our state.

These are a few things the impounds barns are in need of. For more information please contact us 404-656-3713 or email us.

  • building and fencing materials
  • feed
  • hay
  • bedding
  • dewormer
  • fly spray
  • pitch forks and wheel barrow
  • general tools
  • tack (usable saddle, bridles -snaffle type bits in particular - saddle pad, driving lines) for use in sales and test riding
  • fertilizer for pastures, weed spray, ant bed stuff, grass seed

Thank You,

Georgia Department of Agriculture
Equine Health Section
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Atlanta, Georgia  30334
1-800-282- 5852 ext 3713