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Family Ties Three generations of
                                                                             family work the Hunter Cattle
                                                                             family farm. Left, dressed in
                                                                             green: front row, Forrest, Canyon,
                                                                             Trail, Boone and Bear; back row,
                                                                             Sean, Meadow and Kristan
                                                                             Middle, in red: Del, Debra and
                                                                             Hunter Ferguson
                                                                             Right, in blue: front row, Riley,
                                                                             Liam and Daniel; back row, Beth,
                                                                             Anthony and Jacob Ferguson
        Photo Courtesy Kristan Fretwell                                      Georgia Grown Support

                                                                             Dale Faunce, of Springer
                                                                             Mountain Farms, also credits
                                                                             the Georgia Grown program,
          Hunter Cattle products can      “A lot of people want to see       which he says is key to helping
        also be purchased through the     where their food comes from.”      his and other member
        farm’s website or by visiting the    Kristan also credits Georgia    companies gain recognition
        farm. “We worked really hard to   Grown for its assistance in        not just in the state, but across
        get a flawless online story,      company marketing efforts.         the country.
        because we had a lot of people    “Our Georgia Grown rep really        Springer Mountain markets
        wanting to order,” says Kristan,  believed in us before we           its all-natural and humanely
        who said the farm store, named    believed in ourselves,” she        raised chickens to gourmet
        Mooma’s after Debra Hunter, is    says. “That really helped us get   restaurants around the world
        also key to burgeoning sales.     going.”                            and neighborhood groceries
                                                                             alike. “It’s great to have the
                             [ Contact Information ]                         Georgia Grown group out there
                                                                             talking about our agribusiness
                                    FPL Food
                                                                             and showcasing all the great
                                  (706) 722­2694                             things we do here in Georgia,”
                                                                             Faunce says.
                               Grady Ranch Farms                               The Georgia Grown
                                  (229) 378­7672                             certification is also relevant in
                                                the messaging FPL Food uses
                                  Hunter Cattle                              to highlight its signature brand
                               (912) 823­BEEF (2333)                         of Angus beef raised and
                                                   processed locally on its Châtel
                                                                             Farms in Augusta.
                            Springer Mountain Farms
                                                                               “Georgia Grown is an
                                  (877) 826­2322
                                          essential part of our story, and
                                                                             we share that story through
                                Thompson Farms                               our digital platforms and
                                 All Natural  Pork
                                                                             marketing materials,” says
                                  (229) 263­9074
                                                                             Laure Leger, marketing
                             Toll Free (866) 463­9218
                                                                             manager. “‘Local’ matters to
        [ 36 ]                                                                                Georgia Grown
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