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Anthony’s wife Beth, Kristan’s
        husband Sean, 10 grandsons
        and one granddaughter. But
        the idea of supplying Whole
        Foods was a little frightening.
        “We didn’t plan on this
        business going nationwide,”
        Kristan says. “But there’s a
        need for healthy meat.
        Consumers have so much more
        power than they know.”
          A year later, Hunter Cattle
        products are in Whole Foods
        stores around the country.
        And, after Lucky’s Market
        came to Savannah and the
        manager tasted Hunter’s
        sausage, he, too, added their
        products to the store’s lineup.
          Kristan credits word-of-
        mouth for getting them
        started, but she says Facebook
        is probably the biggest factor
        in the company’s current
        marketing. They have more
        than 8,500 followers. She posts
        mouth-watering videos of her
        father Del grilling “100 percent
        grassfed, start-to-finish
          He talks about the varieties
        of Hunter Cattle burgers
        available, from blue cheese-
        jalapeno to real Vidalia onion.
        In the background behind him
        is a clean red barn, a freshly
        polished saddle and a cloth-
        covered table laden with fruits,
        vegetables and hamburger
        buns. People who share the
        post on Facebook have a
        chance to win a box of the
        burgers. In addition, she posts
        photos of the groups that
        come to visit. There were 103
        pictures posted of a June visit.
        She says the mamas who go
        online to see their babies’
        faces on the hayride often
        become customers.                                                                              [ 35 ]
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