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Angus Experts Bill West (left) and Katherine Holden
                                                           and Renee West (above, left to right) of Grady Ranch
                                                           Farms tried retail after friends urged them to expand
                                                           their premium angus beef business

          Katherine and Renee work social media sites      that sampling is a big part of marketing,” Renee
        to communicate that message of honed and           says. “Giving samples of our product really
        handcrafted steaks to customers seeking a          helps.”
        premium product. “That’s what we’re keeping in        In addition, they’ve received help from the
        mind when we set up a special media blast or       University of Georgia’s small business
        website or Facebook post,” Katherine says.         development group, the Georgia Centers of
        “Those are the people buying from us. It’s not     Innovation and Georgia Grown.
        going to be someone just wanting to buy beef.”     “Where’s the beef!?”
          Market research indicates that millennials are
                                                           Another Georgia Grown company that has
        keenly interested in the story behind the food,
                                                           benefitted both from sample tastes and word
        as well as a brand they can be loyal to. While
                                                           of mouth is Hunter Cattle Company, in
        Facebook is helpful for getting out the word       Brooklet, between Savannah and Statesboro.
        about Grady Farms beef, Renee says there's         They had developed such a following online
        nothing like a face-to-face or better yet, a taste  that when Whole Foods opened in Savannah,
        as the start of real brand loyalty.                the buyer sought out the farm.
          Katherine and Renee set up booths at area           “People kept asking, ‘Where is the Hunter
        farmers markets, health food stores and special    Cattle beef? Why don’t you have Hunter
        events, such as Thomasville’s Earth Day festival.  Cattle?’” laughs Kristan Fretwell. “The Whole
        In addition, they attend as many food shows as     Foods guy said we had kind of a cult
        possible, including the Farm to Table Schools      following.”
        Source Show, which helps them stay tuned to           Hunter Cattle is a family farm run by Del and
        what drives customers to select their beef.        Debra Hunter, their son Anthony and daughter
          “We’ve learned from going to different shows     Kristan. It’s a true family affair, assisted by

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