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Answering Consumer Demand                          Bobby’s wife and who, with Bill’s wife Renee, run
        Word of mouth is also one of the ways that         marketing for the ranch.  She says they also
        Grady Ranch Farms has become successful in         attract customers who are interested in a
        retail. Bill West and his nephew Bobby Holden      premium product.
        manage the fourth-generation farm in Quitman          “Our meat is lower in fat and denser in
        where Bill’s father once raised dairy cattle. After  nutrition and flavor,” she says. “That’s what we
        the dairy closed in 2012, Bill and Bobby turned    see appeals to a lot of our customers, particularly
        to raising grassfed Angus.                         the older ones. Younger ones are more interested
          “We raised cows for our personal use,” Bill says.  in buying local and getting meat that is
        Although the farm was only in the wholesale        hormone- and antibiotic-free.”
        meat business, “Other people ate with us and          Grady Ranch beef fits both categories, being
        wanted to know where they could buy our beef.”     grassfed according to the protocols of the
          So he says they decided to try retail. They now  American Grassfed Association. And Bill
        sell through an online farmers market, through     believes that South Georgia has the perfect
        several local stores, and through direct orders    climate for raising premium grassfed beef. “The
        via their website.                                 cattle industry is coming back into Georgia,
          “Our customer base tends to be people in their   where it was dying,” he says. “We want to be on
        50s or millennials,” says Katherine Holden,        the leading edge of that.”                                                                              [ 33 ]
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