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Building the Citrus Network                        Georgia to pack and ship the fruit; currently
        Networking has been essential to the growth of     most is sold at farmers markets or local stores.
        Georgia’s nascent citrus industry, going all the      Both Savelle and Price say it’s crucial to
        way back to the meeting in Price’s office. That’s  broaden the market. “Originally, everyone
        how Kim Jones, of Bethel Oaks Farm in              thought about satsumas, but that is not going to
        Monticello, Florida, became a Georgia Citrus       be the norm down the road,” Savelle says. “Not
        Association board member. Jones’ farm is about     unless we only want to have a niche of the
        20 miles south of Thomasville, Georgia. Jones      market. We have to diversify the line.”
        has been developing markets for his satsumas,         Savelle’s ultimate dream is a citrus belt across
        including going beyond fresh fruit to produce      the south, starting with local Georgia fruit. She
        juices, syrups and jellies at his processing and   says people are becoming more aware of where
        packing house.                                     their food comes from, and having the Georgia
          Growers make the most money from fresh           Grown label makes a difference. “Someone may
        fruit, but some satsumas – the No. 2’s as          say, ‘Oh, I had a blood orange from Chile,’” she
        opposed to the No. 1 product – don’t make the      says. “I say, ‘Good for Chile, but we want it to be
        cut for cosmetic reasons. Rather than toss them    from Georgia!’”
        out, Jones is making juice and marketing it
        locally, including talking with school nutrition
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          The real question, Savelle says, is what                           1Dog Ventures
                                                                             Lindy Savelle
        growers do with their No. 2’s. Juice is one
        option; so is creating fruit cups or canning. The
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        first step is to create more processing plants in

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